Donation Personas: The Experiment Design

[This is the 3rd blog post on BizLab Fellow Wendi Ding’s project, the Persona Experiment.] With three personas in hand, we designed an experiment to test the effectiveness of communicating to WBUR’s audience by persona. We wanted to determine two things with an experiment: know if the personas reflect unique populations in our listener audience Read more about Donation Personas: The Experiment Design[…]

The Pop-Up Shop Experiment: The Findings

Hello! This is the final post in the Summer Pop-Up Shop blog series for Summer 2018. Our store closed at midnight on August 24th, 2018. In one month we received 194 orders for 216 items. Our Net Sales were approximately $8000. The last few days, with our most urgent messaging, made the biggest difference in our Read more about The Pop-Up Shop Experiment: The Findings[…]