September 2019 Webinar – Content Converts: Technologies That Are Bridging the Gap Between Engagement and Revenue

Join us on September 24th for a series of presentations and Q & A with three technology platforms that are actively working to bridge the gap between content engagement and revenue generation in public media newsrooms. Groundsource, Hearken and News Revenue Hub will present successful use cases in public media and share their learnings on navigating the challenges of connecting ethical content guidelines and content production with the practice of generating revenue and successfully navigating organizational silos.

Date, Time & Place

Tuesday, September 24 2019, 3-4pm Eastern Time on Zoom


  • Andrew Haeg, Founder, Groundsource
  • Meredith Turk, Engagement Strategy and Industry Partnerships Lead, Hearken
  • Rebecca Quarls, Director of Data and Strategy, News Revenue Hub


Check out a recording of this webinar below: