Public Radio BizLab’s mission is simple: We develop and test ideas that change the way we think about funding and innovation for public radio to provide stations with new and creative business models that sustain their excellent journalism. Transformative growth requires creativity, bold experimentation and taking risks. We structure all our work to capture learning and celebrate exploration regardless of success or failure. While we have been able to make progress at the level of our station, our near-term goal is to work with funders (individuals and institutions) to increase the number of revenue initiatives and experiments we create at WBUR and expand the reach and impact of our work to many more public media organizations within the system.

We are seeking to raise $5,000,000 to support a 5-year period of R&D and discovery. We have raised $1,250,000 toward this goal: $250,000 from the Knight Foundation; $250,000 from WBUR match; and $750,000 in donations.