Advice on Running Revenue Experiments in Public Radio

Now is the time to try out new revenue ideas WBUR launched BizLab because of a desire to ensure public radio stays financially strong, vibrant, and relevant to our audiences. BizLab is dedicated to evaluating new membership and revenue sources, identifying new markets for content, and developing new partnerships with business, education and tech communities.  Since Read more about Advice on Running Revenue Experiments in Public Radio[…]

Listening to the Future

2019 Predictions of Public Radio Revenue Streams

    BizLab is very excited to announce the 6 stations we will be working with this year on testing new revenue streams: WAMU, WDET, Capital Public Radio, Louisville Public Media, WLRN, and Vermont Public Radio. We are kicking off work this month with WAMU and LPM, and will ramp up with the other 4 throughout Read more about 2019 Predictions of Public Radio Revenue Streams[…]

New Knight Foundation Funding

We are pleased to announce today that BizLab has received $250,000 from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation in support of our previously announced collaboration with public media stations to design and conduct revenue experiments for public radio in the digital age. This brings the total investment in the initiative to $1 million Read more about New Knight Foundation Funding[…]

Let’s Experiment at Your Station

BizLab has received new funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to expand our focus to testing funding models at other public radio stations. This is the beginning of a long-anticipated effort of broadening our learning and reach by testing business ideas in other public radio markets. We are looking for up to six other Read more about Let’s Experiment at Your Station[…]

Donation Personas: Results

[This is the final blog post on BizLab Fellow Wendi Ding’s project, the Persona Experiment.] To evaluate our donation personas, we ran ads on Facebook for three days pointing to our persona donation experiment. As outlined in our previous blog post, we wanted to determine two things with the experiment: if the personas reflect unique Read more about Donation Personas: Results[…]

Long-time listener, first-time attendee… to a public radio conference

I just got back from my first public radio conference! The Public Media Development and Membership Conference (aka “the PMDMC”). This is the annual conference that talks about the revenue side of public radio and television. PBS and NPR are the major players and there are sessions on topics like how to transition one-time donors into Read more about Long-time listener, first-time attendee… to a public radio conference[…]

What is a BizLab project?

A BizLab project is a concept for new revenue that needs evaluation. Each project is comprised of multiple experiments and evaluations and is complete when a recommendation can be made to WBUR leadership for either suspending evaluation or investing additional resources for launching as a business. Each project should take no more than 3 months. Read more about What is a BizLab project?[…]