Job Description: Program Manager, BizLab

BizLab’s Program Manager will be a core member of WBUR’s Public Radio Business Laboratory. BizLab’s mission is to identify and evaluate new revenue sources for public radio by testing and evaluating business models at WBUR and at partner public media stations. The Program Manager will coordinate the activities around this work, both by taking the lead on a portion of WBUR’s experiments and by coordinating our collaborations with other public radio stations. This position reports to the Executive Director of BizLab.

This position offers you a unique opportunity to work with public media organizations, business innovators, and experience designers across the country, to work on the enormous challenge of identifying sustainable revenue models for independent journalism. This position requires a “roll up your sleeves” execution mindset, attention to detail, and lots of enthusiasm for doing things for the first time. Preference will be given to candidates who have knowledge of design thinking, entrepreneurism, and journalism. This position can serve as a launching pad for someone looking to pursue a career in nonprofit business innovation.

Also see the official job post on BU’s website.


  • Your primary responsibility is to ensure the successful completion of the projects within BizLab and at our partner stations. This means keeping track of progress, establishing team deadlines, and identifying resource needs. You will determine if projects (the business experiments) are delivering against their goals, or need additional support and evaluation. The specific job activities include:
    • Coordinating the work of six public radio stations during an 18-month grant period so that all stations complete their experiments and fulfill their commitment to the granting agency.
    • Planning and facilitating meetings related to BizLab’s collaborations with public radio stations across the country. Meetings include in-person workshops, remote video meetings, and an end-of-year symposium with 30-50 attendees.
    • Writing newsletters or other publications (e.g. blog posts) to promote and disseminate the work of BizLab across the network.
    • Preparing written reports of progress for our granting agencies. Work may include drafting proposals to generate additional philanthropic support for BizLab’s activities.
  • Your second responsibility is to be the lead on launching pilots of different revenue experiments for WBUR.
    • A revenue experiment is a 10-week structured project designed to answer our questions about the business potential of an idea. Your role will be to design the experiment, execute, and do the outcome analysis — qualitative and quantitative summary of the project, to answer our revenue and business questions.
    • These short-run pilots will have concrete learning goals associated with them, and your role is to run planning, production, and logistics and to answer our revenue and business questions.
    • Two examples of potential experiments are a) piloting a pop-up merchandise store within WBUR’s performance space and b) piloting a training course on how to produce a podcast. For each of these examples, your role is to define the product offering, find the customers, and evaluate the success of the venture.


  • Bachelor’s degree and at least 2 years of professional experience including project and/or people management.
  • Experience with the practices of design thinking, user research, lean startups, and agile methods.
  • Strong project coordination and communication experience and skills. Experience with productivity and task management software, with an opinion on which tools are ideal for which types of situations. (E.g. EverNote vs. SmartSheets vs. Todoist vs. Slack)
  • Proven ability to establish and manage good working relationships with wide array colleagues and collaborate effectively with a dynamic team, as well as with external collaborators in remote locations.
  • Learning mindset and entrepreneurial spirit. Enthusiastic about tackling diverse and unexpected challenges, keeping focus on producing a quality product, ready for customer evaluation.
  • Excellent writing skills, along with strong communication and troubleshooting skills.
  • Familiarity with workplace tools such as Outlook, Google Docs, Google Hangouts, and Slack, a plus.
  • Familiarity with and/or willingness to learn WordPress, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Shopify, Survey Monkey, Google Docs and Forms, and basic website administration.
  • Knowledge of and interest in the topics of innovation, organization cultural change, and digital disruption, as they relate to public media, is a strong plus.

To apply, either apply through Boston University’s jobs website, or send your resume and cover letter to