If producers can easily combine content with calls-to-action, will that increase user engagement leading to more sustainers?

Description & Purpose

Bench enables journalists to easily create a page by combining three types of elements: content (e.g., an article, an episode), interaction (e.g., polls, livechat, social sharing, comments) and a call-to-action (e.g., become a member, sign up). By comparing multiple combinations of elements, Bench can be used to identify which specific mixture of components yield the highest rates of user engagement, conversion and revenue. Such a tool allows for the creation of best practices and improved knowledge sharing among producers.

BizLab is reimagining how people interact with public radio. Who is our audience? How do we reach them? What is the value we can add to their lives and how can we keep them coming back for more?.

Shannon Dooling, Morning Edition

Current Status: Learning Plan Complete

We created a well-defined product specification and have identified external development partners.

Future Goals

By December we plan to build and deploy Bench to 5 producers, with the intent of conducting 10 case studies led by newsroom and membership personnel that reach a total of 25,000 users.

Project Team

Meg Siegal
Meg Siegal

Lisa Williams
Lisa Williams