Dynamic Growth Dashboard

How might publicly shared goals and improved data literacy increase growth station-wide?

Description & Purpose

BizLab’s Dynamic Growth Dashboard is a customizable web application running on smartphones, personal computers and large displays that gives instant insight into key station health metrics. Developing and adopting a growth-monitoring dashboard commits WBUR to focus on creating quantifiable progress. Using a single, shared tool provides leadership with an opportunity to give a clear purpose to all members of the organization while fostering accountability and common topics of growth-oriented discussion. We will begin station wide rollout at WBUR in September.

This is the first time we’ve had a mirror. And the mirror shows that we may not be the organization we think we are.

Mary Hull, Development

Current Status: Scaling

We first delivered a comprehensive audit report, detailing how data is gathered, stored and interpreted at the station.

Analytics Audit Report

  1. Assess Current State: Determine how data is gathered/interpreted & identify gaps in knowledge/process
  2. Support Creation of Informed Solution: Define prototype technical tool and data gathering guidelines
  3. Get Everyone on Same Page: Achieve a shared understanding with an objective report

Analytics Audit Summary

Using our findings we designed and deployed a prototype version of the dashboard. We trained key personnel in breakout sessions to select, monitor and compare a comprehensive set of 180 metrics. We are developing the full version of the web application (scheduled for deployment in August) which incorporates the learnings we are gathering through observation (and participation in) the use of the prototype.

Future Goals

By September we anticipate the dashboard will have been rolled-out across WBUR to achieve widespread adoption. We intend to study the impact it has on the station as a whole and present our findings to the public media community at conferences and through webinars led by station employees. Anticipating positive feedback, we are developing a plan to white label the technology and assist in the deployment of Dynamic Growth Dashboards at other stations around the country.

Product launch August 2016

  • Fully functional, live web application suitable for use on modern web browsers
  • Code available in a documented GitHub repo
  • Built with Ruby 2.3 on Rails 5.0, MySQL, Google Charts, HTML5, CSS3 and SSL
  • Live production application deployed on Heroku
180 metrics across the organization
47 people participated from all departments

Project Team

Johanna Brewer
Johanna Brewer

Meg Siegal
Meg Siegal