February 2019 Webinar: Podcast Donation Experiments


Topic: Podcast Donation Experiments with NHPR & WBUR

NHPR and WBUR have recently tested different ways of asking podcast listeners for donations.

This webinar will break down the specifics of how they asked, how much they asked for, which

platforms were used to collect donations, and how many donations were made. Rebecca Lavoie,

NHPR’s Digital Director, will share donation experiments with the NHPR podcast Bear Brook. Ted

Fuller, WBUR’s BizLab Business Technology & Analytics Lead, will talk about WBUR’s experiments

with their podcasts Circle Round and Endless Thread.


Date, Time & Place

Tuesday, February 26 2019, 3-4pm EST on Zoom.



Rebecca Lavoie, Digital Director, New Hampshire Public Radio


Ted Fuller, Business Technology & Analytics Lead, BizLab, WBUR, Boston’s NPR News Station


Thank you for joining us for our podcast donation webinar! You can watch it in full here.

Slides from our presenters are available below: