November 2019 Webinar: Aligning Content Plans With Revenue Goals

To maintain journalistic integrity, most public radio stations have rigid boundaries between newsrooms and fundraising departments. The public media Code of Integrity states that media organizations will: Protect the editorial process from the fact and appearance of undue influence, exercising care in seeking and accepting funds and setting careful boundaries between contributors and content creators. In BizLab’s work with our cohort stations this year, we have invested a great deal of time in helping stations navigate these boundaries while acknowledging the importance of diversifying revenue streams in the digital age. 

Three of BizLab’s cohort stations have practical experience in navigating these boundaries as they implemented their revenue generation idea. All three found ways to successfully collaborate and leverage shared goals to the benefit of the station. 

Join us on November 12th to hear a panel discussion, with question and discussion time at the end. BizLab’s Experience Strategist, Sarah Bloomer, will facilitate. 


Tuesday, November 12, 2019, 3-4pm Eastern Time


Meta Stange, Digital Producer for WDET, also runs the station’s social channels and creates digital editorial content for Meta will talk about using social media to enable small businesses in Detroit to reach the WDET audience while staying within station guidelines and remaining true to their brand., . 

Brendan Kinney, Senior Vice President for Marketing and Development at Vermont Public Radio, will share how they are working with their  journalist who covers the region of southern Vermont, giving him greater exposure and connection to the local community. 

Giselle Reid, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Friends of WLRN in Miami, will share how they have built a strong partnership with the digital programming team to produce an online newsletter focused on environmental news.