2019 Summit News from the Lab

Summit Panel: Leadership and Innovation in Public Radio

The stage where most innovation projects fail is not at the beginning or middle, but at the end, when the project’s findings are integrated into the main operations of an organization. No matter how promising the experiment results are, changing priorities to accommodate a new idea or product takes agility and strong leadership. In this panel, executives from BizLab stations will reflect on what they learned from assigning one of their teams an innovation project for for six months. We will discuss how to support innovation efforts, measure the ROI of innovation, and their challenges in integrating new projects into existing priorities.

Joan DiMicco, Executive Director, BizLab, WBUR

Andi McDaniel, Senior Director of Content and News, WAMU
Ellen Oost, Director of Development, Louisville Public Media
Paul Adams, Director, Corporate Underwriting, Capital Public Radio