2019 Summit News from the Lab

The BizLab Method and Tools

As we prepared to work with our 2019 cohort stations, BizLab sketched out our process and identified Discovery Research and Analysis tools and methods that we thought would work within a lean startup framework. We needed methods which were easy for teams to learn and apply rapidly. We needed analysis tools which could be applied at different stages. Each project would require both qualitative research such as face-to-face interviews and quantitative data such as Google Analytics. We therefore created instruction sheets to provide our cohort stations as needed. A few more tools were added over the year, such as mini-surveys and love letters. 

All of these resources are provided here. You will see that these are written for the stations – giving them instructions about when they need to do planning or review with the BizLab team. There are references to enable teams to learn more – especially as our goal is to enable teams to continue to apply the BizLab method on future projects. 

We are pleased to be able to provide you with BizLab’s methods and tools. 

Packet 1: BizLab Method – An overview of BizLab’s 6 month engagement

Packet 2: BizLab Research Methods and Tools – 11 methods & tools plus how to recruit people and do preliminary analysis

Packet 3: BizLab Analysis Methods and Tools – 7 analysis & synthesis methods and tools

With these materials, may you find and implement new revenue streams at your station. 

Reach out to us with your use cases and questions on Twitter @WBURBizLab or email at